30 Days to 90 Days 7.00%
91 Days to 180 Days 8.00%
181 Days to 365 Days 10.00%
13 Months to 24 Months 11.50%
25 Months to 36 Months 12.00%
0.50% Extra Interest For Senior Citizen.


1,00,000/- Rupees
12 Months 7,900/-
24 Months 3,750/-
36 Months 2,400/-
48 Months 1,700/-
60 Months 1,300/-

50,000/- Rupees
12 Months 3,950/-
24 Months 1,875/-
36 Months 1,200/-
48 Months 0,850/-
60 Months 0,650/-

This scheme has been designed to help the individuals to inculcate the habit of saving money and to meet their future needs. Amount can be withdrawn from these accounts by way of withdrawal slips /cheque. Initial Deposit for opening Savings Bank Account & minimum balance to be maintained in the account.
  1. With Cheque Book Facility – Rs 250/-
  2. Half Year Interest Scheme

Facilities Offered :–
  1. Any Branch Banking facility.
  2. NEFT/RTGS facility.
  3. Core Banking Facility
  4. Personalized Cheque book printing facility
  5. SMS banking facility for Balance Inquiry, Statement Details, Transaction Alerts.

With Ajit Nagari Pathsanstha Current Account, we ensure that our customers can conduct their business transactions smoothly by depositing or withdrawal of any amount.
Current account can be opened by individual / HUF, a proprietary concern, a partnership firm, a company, a trust, a local body by signing account opening form(s) and with proper introduction and accompanied by prescribed documents.
Initial Deposit for opening Current Bank Account is Rs.500/-& minimum balance to be maintained in the account is Rs 500/-

Facilities Offered :–
  1. Direct RTGS/NEFT facility.
  2. Core Banking Facility
  3. Any Branch Banking facility.
  4. SMS banking facility for Balance Inquiry, Statement Details, Transaction Alerts.

This scheme is been introduced for monthly saving where you can deposit a certain amount for specified period by the bank. Recurring deposit account is opened by those who want to save regularly for a certain period of time and earn a higher interest rate.
Along with this we have various schemes of deposits like,
  1. Quarterly Interest Scheme
  2. Minimum Amount of deposit: 100 & in multiples of 100/-
  3. Period : Min-1 Month & Max-120 Months
Facilities Offered:
Monthly Standing Instruction are accepted. (For installment credit)
Loan against Recurring account is granted as per prevailing rules.

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