SMS (Short Messaging Service):
banking is a state-of-the-art unattended system used for providing 24 hours service to the Bank's customers for accessing their account information using mobile instrument. SMS banking uses the power of software and SMS technology to process the customer's request, scans the bank's database for necessary information and replies to the customer's mobile by sending message in text format, which are send through system automatically.

Any Branch Banking:
Your bank provides Anywhere Branch Banking (ABB) facility through all its Branches. This facility offers you convenience and ease of doing following types of transactions from your Account.

1. Cash Deposit :-
Account holder/Business Associates or partners can deposit cash in your Account from any of our Branch. This facility is available for Savings, Current, Cash Credit, Overdraft, Recurring Deposit (Installment) and payment of Loan Installment.

2. Cash Payment :-
Cash Payment of a bearer / third party cheques, clearing cheque deposit are allowed from any branch in case of your urgent need of Cash. This facility is available for Savings, Current, Cash credit.( Withdrawal allowed only through cheques)

3. Funds Transfer :-
Now transfer your funds through our RTGS/NEFT system. And Demand Draft [D.D.] Service Available.

4. Balance Enquiry / Statement Printing :-
You can enquire about the Balance and request for Statement of your Account from any Branch.

Locker Services:
The care and safety of your valuables is taken by the bank by offering safe deposit facility. The annual rent/amount depends upon the size of the locker.This facility is one of the subsidiary services provided by the Bank for keeping the valuables in the safe deposit locker. Lockers can be hired to Individuals, either singly or jointly, Partnership Firms.

1. General Terms :-
     Allotment of lockers will be based on the availability.
     Preference may be given to existing customers maintaining SB / CA / CCOD / Term Deposit accounts with the bank.
     The terms and conditions of allotment of lockers will be covered in the agreement entered and according to bank clause.

2. Financial Terms :-
     Customer has to pay 1 years advance rent for the locker depending on the size of the locker.
     A Fixed Deposit of Rs.5000/- for 10 years as a security deposit.
     For delayed payment of rent, penal charges are applicable as per bank clause.

Maharashtra State Electricity Light Bill Deposit

Accident Insurance for Loan Person & Guarantors.

Core Banking all branches