Women Empowerment- The organization is working for the empowerment of the women. In the area of Self Help Groups are formed and are developed for the financial literacy of the women and economic development of the families. The women Members are taking part in the daily functioning of the groups.

The groups from Nhavare are sanctioned loans for their domestic needs. The members have taken the responsibility of its repayment in regular. Women awareness camps are conducted regularly.

Vocational Education- vocational training centre is run by the organization at Nhavare where about 100 students are provided vocational trainings on the trades of Computer repairing, Engineering, energy, environment science, agriculture and poultry with motor rewinding are taught.

Learning while doing methodology give happiness to students and it creates livelihood. Here shelter and food facility are made available at no cost to poor students. The students are taking their education in a very healthy and enjoyable manner. All efforts are being taken for the intellect and educational development of these students.

Natural resource management- A watershed development program is in progress in association with beneficiaries at Nhavare. Vidnyan Ashram Pabal is guiding to this project. Hundred acre of land is expected to come under the irrigation through water table development by this project.

This program is in progress since 2000. The cropping pattern development, increase in the yield, Water table development are the goals of this project. Farmers training programs are also conducted for the success of this project. Tree Plantation and its patronage program is in progress.