Most important, be friendly to one another. Appreciate and respect your fellow creatures great and small and all the resources around you.

Don't buy bin liners or other garbage bags. Reuse the bags; you receive in the grocery store, for your trash. Try to lessen the amount of plastic grocery bags in your environment. Reuse them when buying new groceries as often as only possible.

Biodegradable plastic bags are better than the usual plastic bags. However, they are not ideal because of energy levels needed to produce them.

Deposit your empty plastic grocery bags and some fabric bags in a canvas tote hanging on your doorknob. You will not forget them when you will leave the house.

Don't smoke.

Do not litter plastic packaging in the landscape. Dispose it properly in a trash.

Do you own an unwanted item? Do you want to buy something? Consider first contact a swapping group of free cycle. Net near you.